Path: Policy - Schedules

With cognitix Threat Defender you can set up custom time schedules to specify at what dates and times rules are applied to the network traffic. Schedules are available both for global rules and rules in correlation scenarios.

Tip: Threat Defender comes with a preset Office hours schedule that you can adapt to your requirements.

Configuring a Schedule

In this example, we'll create a schedule that represents the lunch break:

  1. Navigate to Policy > Schedules.
  2. Click ADD to add a new schedule.
  3. Enter a Name and an optional Note.
  4. Enter the validity period for the time schedule using the date pickers.
  5. Specify on what basis the schedule will be repeated. In this example, select Weekly.
  6. From the Valid Days of Week list, select the workdays.
  7. Click Add Time Range to specify the beginning and end of the lunch break.
  8. SAVE the schedule.

Fig. 1: Setup of the lunch break schedule.

As you can see from the screenshot, it is possible to add several time ranges as required.

Using the Schedule in a Rule

To apply schedules in a rule, you need to enable the Schedule option in the rule setup screen. You can also specify whether the rule is active during or outside the selected time schedule. 

Fig. 2: Applying the schedule to a rule.

The following small rule set explicitly allows Facebook traffic during lunch time while blocking it during the rest of the day.

Fig. 3: Rule set using the "Lunch time" schedule (rule 1).