Path: Policy - Network Objects - Static Network Objects

Static Network Objects (SNOs) group several hosts as a single entity that can be used in policies, accounting and reporting.

Tip: A freshly installed Threat Defender comes with several preset static network objects that you can adapt to your requirements.

To create new static network objects, proceed as follows:

  1. From the navigation menu on the left, select Policy.
  2. Select the Network Objects submenu.
  3. Open the Static Network Objects tab.
  4. Click ADD GLOBAL STATIC NETWORK OBJECT to create a new object.
  5. Enter a Name for the object. 
  6. Optionally you can enter a descriptive Note.
  7. Under Network Definition, select whether the object should be considered part of the Internal network (see Internal and External Networks).
  8. Specify one or more criteria to match the network object:
    • IP Addresses and associated routing prefix in CIDRnotation:
      • Specify Included networks for IP-addresses to match.
      • Specify Excluded networks to define exceptions.
    • MAC Addresses or MAC address ranges:
      • Specify Included MAC addresses to be included in the object.
      • Specify Excluded MAC addresses to define exceptions.
    • VLANs — if configured, you can include one or more virtual network(s) into the static network object.
  9. Click SAVE to store the static network object.

An example SNO for one server can look like this:

For further information on network segmentation, see the cognitix Threat Defender user documentation.