Path: Policy - Rule

This example shows how to create a rule to block traffic of a certain category.

  1. From the navigation menu on the left, select Policy.

  2. Select Rules from the submenu.

  3. Click ADD to create a new rule.

  4. Enter a Name for the rule.

    For example: "Block social networking for developers"

  5. Select Source & Destination Network and tags to which the rule should apply.

    • In this example, we want to prevent developers from to accessing social media at work, so we'll select the Development tag under Source Tags.
    • To ensure the rule applies to all outgoing traffic, select External under Destination Networks.
  6. Select the Conditions the rule should match.

    In this example, we will set the URL Categories and select the Social Networks in General category.

  7. Define the Final Action.

    In this example, we want to block traffic, so we set the action type to Drop.

  8. Click Save to store your changes.