• Path: Settings - License


First, please make sure that the correct date and time are set, e.g. via Changing Hostname and Time Settings.


  • Applying the license will fail with an "invalid license" message.
  • The license may be considered outdated and the system will not be able to reboot anymore (dead after reboot).

Before a license expires or if it has already expired, you will be notified at the top of the content area.

Without a valid license, the system is not able to connect to the license and update server.

Adding a License

Either after you registered for the product test or ordered a subscription, you received an email containing your license.

To apply the license to your cognitix Threat Defender installation, please proceed as follows:

  1. From the navigation menu on the left, select Settings.

  2. Select License from the submenu.

  3. Click the ADD button.

  4.  Paste the license from the email into the License token field and click SAVE.

  5. The license information is displayed as an entry in the overview table.

If you add another license (for example, if you purchased/upgraded the Theat Defender after using a trial version), the new license will be active and does not need to be activated additionnally.