The cognitix Threat Defender version 20171130.0 provides various newfeatures and improvements of the layer 2 firewall.

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New Features

  • Using data leakage protection profiles, it is now possible to inspect the content of files in addition to their filenames.
  • It is now possible to define custom URL categories and to use them in firewall rules.
  • You can now access offline help documentation from the user menu in the header.


  • Improvements in reporting:
    • You can now see the destination IP for every source IP.
    • You can now display the connection between destination IPsand countries.
    • Starting at the top domains, you can now drill down to source IPs and protocols and vice versa.
  • The keyspace limit has been increased, so that more IPs can betracked.
  • The DPI detection rate was increased.

Solved Issues

  • Reinstallation is no longer required if the Threat Defender crashes with more RAM than free hard disk space.
  • Handling of outdated licenses was improved.
  • The number of dynamic network objects per scope is no longer limited to eight.
  • The content of Event Tracking Tables and dynamic network objects is stored when a new rule is applied.
  • Now, all network objects with a specific tag are added to the policy configuration in the core.

 Known Issues

  • Custom URL categories must not contain any non-ASCII characters. Otherwise, the system will return an error message.
  • When you install an update, any additionally available updates are removed from the updates list. However, they are displayed again as soon as the system carries out the next update check.