The cognitix Threat Defender version 20181009.0 provides various new features and improvements of the threat intelligence and protection platform.

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New Features

  • The asset tracking¬†of Threat Defender was enhanced:
    • Assets can now be used in policy rules, dynamic network objects and event tracking tables. This allows you to create behavior-based correlation policies using network assets.
    • Automatic detection of network assets can now be toggled on and off.
    • The asset database can now be backed up and exported/imported from one Threat Defender to another.


  • The IPS engine was improved. It is now better integrated into the threat intelligence subsystem and its performance has increased. Several bugs were also fixed.
  • The reporting dashboards and the threat intelligence log have been further improved to increase clarity and visibility.

Fixed Issues

  • The asset settings screen is no longer reloaded during editing.¬†
  • The threat intelligence incident logs can now be filtered by clicking a section in the chart in addition to entering a value into the filter field.

Known Issues

While the automatic asset discovery function is enabled, Threat Defender automatically relearns any previously deleted assets.