cognitix Threat Defender version 20190328.0 provides various improvements of the threat intelligence and protection platform.

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New Feature

Threat Defender now provides notifications about system events and threat intelligence incidents.

Threat Defender sends notifications via email, Slack-compatible applications (e.g. Mattermost), and to the desktop as browser notifications. The reporting frequency can be set from immediate notifications to daily summary reports. The content of the notifications can also be customized.



  • We optimized our backend and frontend to enhance the performance of Threat Defender:
    • The user interface now responds more quickly. In particular, the charts of the analytics feature now load considerably faster.
    • The boot and apply times of Threat Defender are reduced.

  • We also improved the overall usability of the user interface. For example, it is now possible to resize table columns and set the number of entries shown per table page.

  • We added new chart types, Sankey and chord charts, to our analytics feature.

Known Issues                                      

  • We removed the URL classification feature as we were not completely satisfied with its technical possibilities and effectiveness. Rules using URL classification will therefore no longer match. We are going to evaluate other alternatives in upcoming releases.
  • The HTTP redirect function is currently not working properly. We are going to remove it in our next release because it does not fit the fields of application of Threat Defender. Rules using HTTP redirect are still matching but without redirecting users to another URL.
  • While the automatic asset discovery function is enabled, Threat Defender automatically relearns any previously deleted assets.