cognitix Threat Defender version 20190807.0 provides various improvements of the threat intelligence and protection platform.

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New Features

  • Role-based access management
    It is now possible to assign roles to system users according to their tasks. The roles vary regarding what information cognitix Threat Defender displays and what settings users can configure. Currently, there are five roles: full admin, security admin, network admin, auditor, reporting viewer.



  • The backup feature was improved:      

    • cognitix Threat Defender now stores multiple configuration backups.

    • On apply, Threat Defender automatically creates a backup.

    • It is possible to partially restore a backup. You can select which part of the configuration you want to restore: the network, policy or asset configuration.

  • There is a new threat intelligence chart that shows the number of times cognitix Threat Defender blocked network traffic.

  • cognitix Threat Defender now displays important system health alarms.

  • The flow logging feature contains additional information.

  • We maintained and updated the underlying software.

Discontinued Features

  • The HTTP redirect function was removed because it does not fit the fields of application of cognitix Threat Defender. Rules using HTTP redirect are still matching but without redirecting users to another URL.

Known Issues                                      

  • While the automatic asset discovery function is enabled, Threat Defender automatically relearns any previously deleted assets.