cognitix Threat Defender version 20191001.0 provides various improvements of the threat intelligence and protection platform.

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New Features

  • Asset Tags
    It is now possible to assign one or several tags to assets. Newly discovered assets can be assigned pre-defined tags. These tags can be used as source and/or destination in rules. This way, policies can be defined for asset groups.
  • Port Extender
    A VLAN-capable switch can now be connected to Threat Defender using the new port extender interface mode. This way, Threat Defender can intercept the traffic on the switch. We have implemented the current method as a technical preview that we will refine in future releases.



  • New system user role: The “Read Only” system user can view all system information, but cannot change the configuration of cognitix Threat Defender.
  • cognitix Threat Defender now provides a health overview of the system components.

  • cognitix Threat Defender supports additional hardware drivers:

    • e1000 PMD
    • VMXNET3 PMD    
  • We further improved the layout of the reporting screens to make them more responsive.

  • The audit and assets logs now show the usernames and IP addresses of users involved in logged events.

  • The assets screens were improved for a clearer presentation of information and an easier workflow for managing assets.

Solved Issues

  • Assets are no longer updated while they are being edited.

  • We fixed a bug that could lead to a crash due to missing files.

  • We  fixed a problem with wrong DPI classifications in URL hits.

Upcoming Changes

The VirtualWire mode for interfaces will be deprecated and replaced by a 2-port bridge in a future release.